As a result of the expansion of the activities carried out by our company, Balance Systems and EBS have decided to make significant investments in innovation; therefore, this is to communicate that from Monday, 9th January 2023 we will move to a new operational headquarters:

  • New address: Strada del Francese 117/21, Production Area Rostia Turin;
  • New telephone number: +39 011 0418000.

In the new plant of over 2,000 square meters, in addition to a state-of-art production department, there will be present 3 floors dedicated to product and service evolution in order to meet with increasing professionalism, promptness and kindness the requests of our Customers:

  • First Floor: Sales management and customer support;
  • Ground Floor: Research, development and planning;
  • Basement: Training and analysis.
  • Production Hub – Balancing Machines Area: Order management divided into 3 areas (Standard, Special and Retrofit balancing machines)
  • Production Hub – Contract Balancing Area: Area dedicated to balancing up to 10 tons with 9 dedicated balancing machines
  • Production Hub – Repair Area
  • Production Hub – Warehouse Area

The growth of our Customers is of fundamental importance to us, so we have focused on the inclusion of new figures with the aim of increasing our staff. Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of the balancing solutions offered, to guarantee a latest generation technology to facilitate every production process, a punctual and precise customer service and now also a new and performing production site, ensuring an ever-evolving service.

EBS Team