Download the EBS balancing machine catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions
Download the EBS balancing machines catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions


Balancing machine for electric fans with their own motor. The machine may be equipped with various accessories, such as automatic angular positioning, a Bar code/QR code reader device, print label and different electric motor control devices. The electronic computerised instrumentation type EQ21S-TS with special software allows easy compensation of the unbalance, indicating the  blade upon which the operator must insert the correction weight and the appropriate box containing the weight that must be chosen by the operator. A pair of photocells detect the blade movement and allows the automatic generation of the phase reference signal without the need for a zero mark on the rotor. The photocells are also used as an encoder for angular indexing.



• Printer for creating the balancing certificate
• Angular position indexing, useful in belt drive machines
• Locking brake, useful to correct the imbalance of the machine
• Test rotor according to ISO2953, and test masses for machine verification
• Additional bed, useful for very long rotors
• Counter support for balancing overhung rotors
• Special rollers equipment for the out of standard journal diameters
• Special cradle supports for balancing rotors with their own bearings
• Automatic angular positioning
• Movable head along the bed

Additional information


5 kg

Maximum diameter

160 mm


0.5 g mm/Kg

Motor power

driven by the fan's own motor

Balancing speed

up to 3000 RPM