The EBS website has been conceived and designed to be easily navigable and usable, so you can find any information you need quickly thanks to the ease of use of the various sessions. Thanks to the presence of EBS on the territory not only nationally, but also European and worldwide, we have designed each section of the website also in English. In addition to the dual language, you also have the possibility to visualize all information on smartphone, tablet and desktop pc.

Our business unit:

  • production of new balancing machines, shown in detail on the website thanks to which you can get a complete idea of the EBS’ offer in the world of production of new balancing machines thanks to technical and detailed information about each machine, photos and descriptions of the accessories supplied for each
  • contract balancing service, characterized by balancing of rotors with a mass up to 10.000 kg, a length up to 6,7 meters and a maximum diameter of 3200 millimeters. The company has a fleet of balancing machines which are used daily to perform contract balancing, always ensuring a process of balancing and manufacturing at the highest levels. On the website there is a dedicated section with all information needed to know this service in every detail
  • retrofit service, thanks to the ability of EBS we can realize, in addition to balancing machines of new construction, retrofit of old own machines or of any other manufacturer. It is possible to receive the brochure dedicated to the service by writing an e-mail request through the dedicated form

The section of the website containing all our contacts will allow you to get in touch with the EBS staff at any time you want. In addition, the live chatting service will allow you to have our operators always at your disposal to answer any questions or needs.

The structure of the website has been designed using the modern processes of the User Experience. The result is a fast and immediate browsing, as it allows you to easily find what you are looking for in a fluid an dynamic way.