For 2022 EBS has thought of a new project completely made in Italy, “Balancing on the Road – Italy“, so as to create a moment of meeting and synergy between our company and the customers who have chosen us in recent years.

The project will develop more and more to cover international markets, in order to be able to give a voice to all of our customers in the world of balancing. The goal is to put them in the foreground and give prominence to their opinions, also allowing them to give visibility to their company. There is no better way to do this than to visit their companies and interview the key players in the production process.

The first stage of the project is now online, watch the video dedicated to LP Couplings, a company in the province of Milan that deals with the balancing and production of Couplings for the most various sectors of reference.

Tailor-made consultancy for you

EBS offers a completely dedicated consulting service for the insertion and management of the investment practice. Our experts will best evaluate all the possibilities that will allow your company to take advantage of the benefits dedicated to you.

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