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The balancing machines that we will discuss in this section are used to balance the rotating parts of small appliances including armatures, rotors  and turbines for motors, for example vacuum cleaners and washing machines.

Balancing in household appliances is very important and serves to redistribute the masses of the components to ensure that the centrifugal force does not reach levels exceeding the permissible limit. An appliance that rotates too noisy causes, in fact, a malfunction and reduces the life of the appliance.

While the operation without excessive vibrations is certainly a positive sign of its quality. Therefore, by redistributing the masses of the rotating part in a balanced and precise manner using the EBS balancing machines, you will be able to correct the imbalances and ensure correct operation of the appliance.
The balancing of the rotating components of a washing machine, for example, makes it possible to re-establish a normal threshold in the centrifugal force of the appliance motor, drastically improving the quality of the product.



Balancing the rotating components of your household appliances allows you to significantly improve the quality of your products, and this can be done through manual, automatic or semi-automatic balancing.



By selecting the component to be balanced, you can choose the machine that best suits you and which allows you to balance any type of motor (large, medium or small).



By relying on the quality of EBS balancing machines, you can ensure the correct functioning of your household appliance.


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