Download the EBS balancing machine catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions
Download the EBS balancing machines catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions

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EBS universal balancing machine
EBS universal balancing machine

“… Ours is a history deeply rooted in one of the strongest human emotions: passion!

Balance Systems was officially born in 1975, when Gianni Trionfetti, together with three skilled friends, expert in electronics and mechanical engineering, created a manufactory firm under the name of GT Elettronica. 40 years later, thanks to worldwide distributors and service centres, subsidiaries in France, Germany, USA and headquarters in Italy, Balance Systems is able to bring excellence all over the world.

1975. Born

Company foundation.

1976. ESM2

Manual balancing machine for armatures: ESM2.

1985. Semi-automatic machine

Semi-automatic balancing machine for armatures: one and two-plane balancing.

1990. Impellers machine

Balancing machine for impellers with specific calibration requirements (self-learning).

1993. First automatic machine

First automatic machine for alternator rotors.

1996. HMI system

Balancing machines using HMI (operator/machine interface) on PC.

2000. Modular machine

Modular machines: with the same design, auto or semi-auto machines can be manufactured.

2001. Auto Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic machine for vacuum cleaner rotor assemblies.

2003. Productivity and performance:

Constant increase in productivity and performance: Cycle time: 3,8 s, Tolerance: 0,5 gmm.

2004. Vertical machine

Vertical balancing machine for disc shaped parts.

2008. Automatic balancing machines

Automatic balancing machines featuring two-plane balancing and 0,1 gmm precision.

2010. Robotic machine

Robotic balancing machine for special rotors.

2014. Today

Researching and developing the next big breakthrough in balancing technology.

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