Download the EBS balancing machine catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions
Download the EBS balancing machines catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions


Machine with 1000 kg maximum capacity, for measuring the unbalance on two planes of railway wheels. The machine is equipped with a loading table and an hydraulic precentering device for the wheel, in order to load the wheel avoiding shocks on the machine spindle.



• Printer for creating the balancing certificate
• Angular position indexing
• Holding brake
• Variable rotational speed
• Selector for acceleration and deceleration ramps
• Proving rotor and masses
• Vertical / horizontal manual drill
• Automatic angular positioning

Additional information

Maximum rotor weight

From 10 to 1000 kg

Maximum diameter

1300 mm

Maximum height

600 mm

Balancing speed

360 RPM

Drive motor power

11 kW

Measure uncertainty (1 plane)

100 g mm

Measure uncertainty (2 planes)

150 g mm

Maximum inertia

210 kg m²