Download the EBS balancing machine catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions
Download the EBS balancing machines catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions


In addition to balancing machines, EBS develops and manufactures special machines upon request for specific customer needs. ST-1200 represent an example, a speed testing machine for grinding wheels with a mass up to 150 kg and outer diameter up to 1200 mm. The machine is integrated into a production line for checking of the wheels. Loading of the clamping flange, clamping of the wheel on the spindle, closing of the cover and test cycle up to the programmed speed are totally automatic.



• Multiple drilling head
• Variable speed on drilling spindle
• Laser device for detection of drilling surface position
• Automatic detection of prohibited zones for drilling
• Software for unbalance correction calculation with prohibited zones
• Residual unbalance position marking by ink jet
• Software to save balancing data for statistics
• Software to send balancing data to an external computer via RS232,USB
• Industrial chips exhauster
• Laser device for geometrical errors detection

Additional information

Maximum rotor weight

From 3 to 300 kg

Maximum diameter

1200 mm

Maximum height

250 mm

Balancing speed

5000 RPM