Download the EBS balancing machine catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions
Download the EBS balancing machines catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions


Automatic horizontal balancing machine for series balancing of drive shafts. The machine is equipped with automatic clamping of the shaft flanges on the machine spindles, and with automatic angular positioning of the rotor for the unbalance compensation. Balancing can be on one, two or three planes. The machine is also equipped with two automatic welding units to weld the compensation weights on the shaft. The control cabinet contains the electronic computerised instrumentation and a box for the compensation weights. A guard completely segregates the machine. A vertically sliding front door allows easy loading and unloading of the shafts, even if it is executed automatically.



• Printer for creating the balancing certificate
• Angular position indexing, useful in belt drive machines
• Locking brake, useful to correct the imbalance of the machine
• Test rotor according to ISO2953, and test masses for machine verification
• Additional bed, useful for very long rotors
• Counter support for balancing overhung rotors
• Special rollers equipment for the out of standard journal diameters
• Special cradle supports for balancing rotors with their own bearings
• Automatic angular positioning
• Movable head along the bed

Additional information

Maximum rotor weight

From 3 to 300 kg

Maximum weight for symmetric rotor

300 kg

Journals diameter (min - max)


Standard bed lenght

5200 mm

Maximum sensitivity

1 micron

Type of motor drive