Download the EBS balancing machine catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions
Download the EBS balancing machines catalogue in the horizontal and vertical versions

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EBS universal balancing machine
EBS universal balancing machine

The company has always specialised in high rotational speed products

The Electromechanical Workshop Ing. Antonio Rava was founded in the year 1922 in Turin by the grandfather of the current owners, and was incorporated as Elettrorava S.p.A. in the year 1966. During the last sixty years Elettrorava has progressed through all the steps of the balancing technology development, designing, manufacturing and marketing of soft bearing horizontal axis machines, vertical axis machines, hard bearing force measuring machines, and finally the computerised automatic machines.

1945. First balancing machine

Manufacturing of first balancing machine for internal use, for balancing electric motor rotors.

1948. Soft bearing horizontal axis

Manufacturing and sales of many soft bearing balancing machines with horizontal axis. All machines have electromechanical measuring systems and analogue instrumentation.

1955. Electronic measuring instrumentation

Introduction of electronic measuring instrumentation with thermionic tubes.

1960. World market

Growth of sales on world market.

1967. First portable electronic measuring

Design and manufacturing of first portable electronic measuring equipment for “field balancing” with analogue instrumentation and stroboscopic lamp.

1970. Transistors and digital displays

Introduction of electronic measuring equipment with transistors and digital displays.

1980. First vertical axis balancing machine

Manufacturing of first vertical axis balancing machine.

1989. First hard bearing balancing machine

Manufacturing of first hard bearing balancing machine with horizontal axis and force measuring piezoelectric pickups.

1994. First multi-station automatic machine

Manufacturing of first multi-station automatic machine for car engine flywheels.

1997. Own motor for the automotive market

Manufacturing of balancing machines for fans equipped with their own motor for the automotive market.

1998. Vertical axis

Manufacturing of first balancing machine with vertical axis and automatic unbalance compensation by drilling.

2000. First multi-station automatic balancing machine

Manufacturing of first multi-station automatic balancing machine for small electric motor rotors.

2001. PC based electronic

Introduction of PC based electronic measuring equipment with Windows operating system.

2008. First horizontal axis with 50 tons capacity

Manufacturing of first horizontal axis hard bearing machine with 50 tons capacity for balancing turbines and generators in the energy production market.

2014. Totally automatic production line

Manufacturing of first balancing machine for fans with automatic compensation of the unbalance by stapling, integrated in a totally automatic production line.

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